Our mission at Siete Mares is to guide you through turbulent waters to a safe harbor and thus together make things happen.

Our Guiding Principles


At Siete Mares, we recognize the value of silence. Keeping our customers’ privacy is of the utmost importance and that is why discretion is our main pillar.


Each sea requires different maneuvers. In Siete Mares, we are able to create and execute solutions to navigate each obstacle satisfactorily.


We learn, we understand, we reason, we make decisions to form a certain idea and make decisions based on reality.


We value the previous knowledge that there is on each subject, but we know that you have to risk a little to win a little.


The Welfare of the Soul. Teamwork is one of the best ways to achieve success, so we encourage well-being so that working together is always welcoming and productive.


We seek to open opportunities for all types of companies, your opportunity is our opportunity.

We do not judge by project size or financial muscle, there are business opportunities for all.


The value of our work gives purpose to life.